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RMS Eye Polish

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RMS Eye Polish

-In Various Colors

These eye polishes give off a unique metallic glow. It creates a light-reflective finish not seen in traditional eye shadows. Made with a subtle glossy quality, they are easy to apply (with your finger or small brush), and are very nourishing eye area. The shadows need to be applied very sparingly and are put on the same as you would apply moisturizer.

Shades carried at Aquarius.

Myth: A sheer shimmer of mink/ taupe. The perfect compliment as a highlighter for tanned skin as a natural glow.

Seduce: Sensuous earthy brown hue that can double as a contour.

Utopia: Deep sunlit gold with a sultry shimmer.

Aura: A gray, muted amethyst with a metallic finish.

Certified Organic


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