Press Reset

After a gluttonous Holiday season, cheers 🥂, I’ve made a conscious decision to reset my diet, recharge my body. Beyond January. This last year, I spent 3 ass kicking months on a program called All In in which I ate mostly vegetarian and 100% clean (turkey, chicken, fish were allowed once a day), worked out daily, and cocktails once a week. It was a commitment but so worth it. I took a lot of lessons and life changes with me from the program and as I’m reflecting and planning for the new year, I told my husband “I miss how strict that diet was.” Yes it was difficult and limiting at times, I was a hermit for the first two weeks of it, but my body really thrived on a somewhat vegetarian diet. I’ve never been a big red meat eater (only thing I really enjoy is beef tartare), dairy and I are frenemies, and if you aren’t hearing Mother Earth’s cries for help, please perk up and listen. Cattle are one of the largest methane gas producers, those creatures can pass some gas while grazing away. So amongst many earth conscious changes on my resolution list this year, #4 is to pass on the herd and eat green. Now as I believe in balance, I won’t beat myself up if I indulge in a tartare once in a blue moon, but this year I’m filling my plate with veggies and enjoying poultry or fish once a day. It’s easy being green, trust me😊💚#gogreen #plantbaseddiet #consciousliving #feelgoodfood #lifestyleblogger